The new revolutionary filler without needles
Reduce your wrinkles in 20 minutes



We are proud to present Infuzion, a new needle-free treatment where hyaluronic acid is penetrated into the skin through the pores. Infuzion fills each and every skin cell and eliminates thereby wrinkles and crows feet. It can also plump up your lips and form beautiful cheeks.

What is Infuzion?

Infuzion replaces the needle on the syringe with a patented roller, an Infuzer. When the Infuzer is rolled over parts of the skin the vitamin...


Infuzion delivers hyaluronic acid through the dermis to the subcutaneous tissue. In a manner of speaking, it is an injection without...


For ultimate and lasting result of six months, a sessions of three treatments i required. Thereafter only one treatment is needed each six months...



News och articles about Infuzion

Needle free anti-age treatments

Injectibles have been one of the most popular Anti-Age and Quick-Fix-treatments lately, but these treatments are exclusive, in most countries, for nurses and doctors only to perform.

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Lifestyle Wellness

At last the solution is here for us who are interested in a filler treatment but don´t want to get stung by needles.

A Treatment

Infuzion treatment on face and forhead

Before and After

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  • Infuzion fore och efter
  • Infuzion fore och efter
  • Infuzion fore och efter


"My customers want visible results. It's up to me as their skin therapist to select the right treatment that will bring results. Infuzion was therefore an obvious choice for my clinic."

Carina Persberg, Sweden

Stora Blå AB

"My wrinkles around my lips has disturbed me for a long time. Now I got an Infuzion treatment, and no needles where used! Instead it was made with a roller. All wrinkles gone. I look 10 years younger."

Deborah Lorana, 45 Bordeaux

"My skin was dull and a bit gray. I got an Infuzion treatment and now look fresher and healthier. The skin is radiance and all wrinkles are gone."

Joanna Yon, 56, Paris

"I have always wanted to do a filler treatment like so many of my friends but just didn´t dare. I'm so afraid of needles. Now I tried Infuzion and my marionette lines are gone and the lines on my forehead too. Absolutely amazing and the treatment was made with a roller over the wrinkles. They smoothed out and disappeared."

Francoise Burneau, 38 år, Rennes