Needle free anti-age treatments

Injectibles have been one of the most popular Anti-Age and Quick-Fix-treatments lately, but these treatments are exclusive, in most countries, for nurses and doctors only to perform.

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Lifestyle Wellness

At last the solution is here for us who are interested in a filler treatment but don´t want to get stung by needles.

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Amelia nr 24

Interesed in smooth skin but afraid of needles? Amelias beauty junkie tested the new method to freshen up dry and gloomy skin without needles.

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Amelia Body & Beauty

Threading, massaging or freeze – Amelia Linnea Öst has eyes on the latest technologies, methods and salon treatments.

Daisy Beauty

How about moisturizing your skin, smooth out wrinkles and lines? Daisy Beauty´s reporter Charlotta Flinkenberg has sacrified herself i the name of science.